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Your Way to Japan

JLPT | N5 Course Details

N5 is a Course for Beginners

Course Details

  • Friday&Saturday

  • Timing :Japan Time


  • Certificate from Japan(JIC)

Batch Details

News Batches start every week.
Enroll for details.
January 2021 Batch


  • Medium of Instruction : Hindi, Japanese& English
  • Sessions will be taken  Zoom/Google Meet

JLPT | N4  Course Detail
N4 are  Pre-Intermediate Course

Course Details

  • Sundays Only
  • Timing: Japan Time
  • Certificate from Japan(JIC)

Batch Details

New Batches start every week. Enroll for details.
January & February
2021 Batches


  • Medium of Instruction: Japanese
  • Sessions will be taken  Zoom / Meet App
  • More Perspective on Culture

JLPT | N3/N2/N1 Course Details

N3/N2 / N1 are Advance Courses Under Process.

Course Details

  • Sundays Only
  • Two Timings
    (9-11am or 1-3pm)
  • Certification from Japan (JIC)

Batch Details

Courses Under Process.
Contact for details.


  • Medium of Instruction: Japanese
  • Sessions will be taken Zoom / Meet App
  • More Perspective on Arts & Culture


Study & Work In Japan


Classes directly from Japan

Our tutors will be teaching you from Japan. They’ve been in Japan for almost 10 years now and you will get a wonderful experience about the culture !  


Visa & Job Assistance

After your examination you’ll be provided with Visa, study and Job Assistance too 


One of a Kind

This course is one of a kind course, Designed with assignments and lectures that help you pick the language very intuitively and quickly ! 


Learn Business & Travel Communication

Although the focus is on JLPT examination, yet you’ll be gaining very fluent Japanese Communication Skills ! 


What Our Students Say

It’s been 3 Months since Neeraj Sir is guiding us with Japanese classes and it’s simply amazing. We’re learning, we’re practicing thoroughly and gaining control of the language quite smoothly !

Abhay Bhatt

Learning Japanese for Studies

I’ve Completed the 6 months JLPT programme online with Japanese International Center and cleared N5 very very easily. I’ve become really fluent in Japanese and aiming for N4  now!

Shikha Malhotra

Learning Japanese for Business Communication


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Learn Japanese Language

1. It has been proved by research that by learning a new foreign language, your brain can always remain young. The cerebral cortex and hippocampus of the brain remain flexible and healthy,

2. If you think of studying or doing higher studies or research in future, then definitely learn Japanese language.
3. India-Japan relations are currently the best. Due to some international developments, hundreds of Japanese companies are now seriously trying to shift their business to India. It simply means that you are in any field, but if you also know Japanese, then this is a golden chance for you.
4. If you are willing to work in Japan, then you must first learn Japanese. Knowing the Japanese language acts as a master key for you to work in Japan, which provides excellent opportunities for your success.
5. If you want to do any direct or indirect job or business for Japanese companies in Japan or India, then learn this language for business communication.
6. If learning language is your hobby or passion then definitely learn Japanese language. Sanskrit is the root language of both Hindi and Japanese languages, so Indian people can speak Japanese language very expertly.
7. If you want to clear JLPT EXAM, or if you have an interest in Japanese scholarship then definitely learn.

What is JLPT & Why Should I Go for JLPT

JLPT Certificate offer various advantages. Such as academic credit and graduation certification at schools to preferential treatment at companies and acknowledgement of qualification in society.

In Which Language will the course be taught

JLPT N5 Part1 the midium instruction will be English and Hindi.
JLPT N5 Part2 the midium instruction will be English, Hindi and Japanese.
JLPT N4  the midium instruction will be only easy  Japanese.
JLPT N3/N2/N1  the midium instruction will be Japanese only.

 For COMMUNICATION COURSE  the midium instruction depends on students requirement,but writing script will be ROMA-JI only.

Will I get a Japanese Certification ? Is it Beneficial ?

You will get certification from JIC Japan.
It may  Beneficial for you, but It depends on your requirements.

What is the complete process for Admission in this course

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Why should I learn from JIC (Japan International Center)

Join us first! Then you will understand.

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We Assure you best in class Education for clearing JLPT and communicating effectively in Japanese Language ! You can E-mail us at  : japaninternationalcenter@gmail.com or Whatsapp us at : +8180-6545-8549 

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