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It’To translate any Japanese word or sentence use our system it will translate your word or sentence in English language.

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Multiple Languages

Hindi, English , German or Japanese .
Our platform is Ready with 20+ Languages to engage with customers globally in both written and spoken manner !

Auto Spell Correction

If you missspell any word then it will get automatically corrected.This feature gives your queries right answer if there is a spelling mistake !

Multiple Translations

You can use the multiple sentance to transalte at a time. This is very usefull when you need to transalte paragraph or whole page !

Simplified Grammer

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The more you translate the more you learn the Japanese keywords ! 

Grammar Correction

Multiple Keyword Translation

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Multiple Sentence Translation

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Japanese Translation Chat

An Interface for easy translation and understanding the. The chat UI.


Secure Your Translation

Data Privacy is our top priority . Your all data is stored in cloud system.  

User History

Each customer on revisiting continues the chat from where he left last time . 


Multiple Page Translation

You can translate multiple page on just single click. It will increase your work efficiency upto 10x.


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