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Japanese Learning Program.


  • Live Japanese classes Direct From Japan
  • All types of Courses (N5 to N1 Available)
  • Course Certificate From Japan (JIC)
  • Free Councelling for study or work in Japan
  • Free One Month Courses Available.

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JLPT Course Name Duration in Months
-- Introduction 1
N5 Beginners 3/6
N4 Intermediate 3/6
N3 Advance 3/6
N2 Master 3/6
N1 Master Professional 3/6

Japanese Language Course

Introduction Course

  • Free Course,
  • Duration 1 Months,
  • 4 Live Interative Classes,
  • Sunday to Sunday batch.



Beginners Course

To getting started absolute with begining in the Japanese Language.

  • Japanese Alphabets,
  • Daily Words,
  • Genral Senteances,
  • Monday to Monday Batch.

Intermediate Course

If you are familiar with Japanese alphabets and words this course is for you.

  • Japanese Daily Sentences,
  • Directions and Guidence,
  • Social Communication,
  • Tuesday to Tuesday Batch.

Advance Course

If you have done with Japanese alphabet and sentence building this course is for you.

  • Professional sentences,
  • Office Meetings,
  • Social Speaking,
  • Wednesday  to Wednesday Batch.

Master Course

If you done with the Master Course and now want to explore your skills in Japan this course is for you.

  • Communication with the MNCs,
  • Crack all professional communication skills along with Professional Certification,
  • Thursday to Thursday  Batch.


Master Professional Course

If you have done with all elements of Advance Course then this course will take you masters level.

  • Personality Development,
  • Communication Skills Development,
  • Professional certification,
  • Friday to Friday Batch.

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