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Japanese Learning Program

  • Japan International Center provideing different level online, offline and live   Japanese Language Courses.
  • This platform will start your journey to   International Profession.
  • After completeing this course you will be able to   communicate with all Japanese Companies, Attend Meetings and Know   Japanese Culture.

Premium Courses

JLPT Levels Course Name Duration
No JLPT Level Introduction Course 1 Months
N5 Level Beginners Course 3/6 Months
N4 Level Intermediate Course 3/6 Months
N3 Level Advance Course 3/6 Months
N2 Level Master Course 3/6 Months
N1 Level Master Professional Course 3/6 Months

Japanese Language Course

Introduction Course

  • Free Course,
  • Duration 1 Months,
  • 4 Live Interative Classes,
  • Sunday to Sunday batch.



Beginners Course

To getting started absolute with begining in the Japanese Language.

  • Japanese Alphabets,
  • Daily Words,
  • Genral Senteances,
  • Monday to Monday Batch.

Intermediate Course

If you are familiar with Japanese alphabets and words this course is for you.

  • Japanese Daily Sentences,
  • Directions and Guidence,
  • Social Communication,
  • Tuesday to Tuesday Batch.

Advance Course

If you have done with Japanese alphabet and sentence building this course is for you.

  • Professional sentences,
  • Office Meetings,
  • Social Speaking,
  • Wednesday  to Wednesday Batch.

Master Course

If you done with the Master Course and now want to explore your skills in Japan this course is for you.

  • Communication with the MNCs,
  • Crack all professional communication skills along with Professional Certification,
  • Thursday to Thursday  Batch.


Master Professional Course

If you have done with all elements of Advance Course then this course will take you masters level.

  • Personality Development,
  • Communication Skills Development,
  • Professional certification,
  • Friday to Friday Batch.

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